My handsome Matteo

Matteo the King

When we bring him to our home, at first, he is very observant kitten, silent and he doesn’t like me to touch him, but I never stop keep him calm, I massage his head and body all the time and keep telling him that “everything will be fine matteo” I give him a name “Matteo” it’s come from my favorite tv drama show on that time “My love from the star” lol because I like the guy on that show.

After that day, in the next day, I was surprised because i see him he is already comfortable and he feel he’s at home. I’m starting to cuddle him and give him some food, because I don’t want him to feel sad and not loved. I’m started to love him and I’m so happy all the time playing at him, I buy some cat toys online for him, bought vitamins and foods, soap and shampoo, I used to bathed him every weekend.


I realized that cats can really reduce your stress, a stress reliever, reduce your sadness and feels like addicted cuddling him lol. I don’t care if his food and other needs are expensive, yes, it’s true, as long as I can make him happy and healthy. That s how you feel when you starting to love your pets, whatever if it’s dogs or cats, birds, snakes, insects or what, as long as your happy taking good care of them.

As days, months passed by, he’s growing bigger and bigger and become a handsome and huggable cat that makes me cuddle him all the time. His fur grows longer and his tail is like a squirrel when it’s pointing up while he’s walking. Everytime I play with him, I always have scratches from my hands lol, sometimes it’s slightly pain, but it doesn’t matter to me, I know he didn’t mean to hurt me lol.

Cutie Matteo

When he turn into 5-6 months months, he’s starting make noise, and I’ve found out that it is normal for cats to feel that way, he’s starting to find for his future girlfriend, or a mate. I realized that no matter how I cuddle, feed and loved him it is not enough to make him happy and give his need as an adult cat just like a man, who can’t live without a woman. Tell me, are you agree or not? Lol

Lazy Matteo

So, as a loving meowmy, haha I look and bought him a female kitty, and just like Matteo I name the kitty as Steffi, she’s the partner of Matteo in my favorite show lol. Steffi is pretty, charming cat, she’s mixed persian x himalayan. I bought Steffi in online also and she’s only 4 months that time. Just like Matteo she has a lovely tail like squirrel, has blue eyes and a dollface too.

Pretty Steffi

At first, they’re not like each other, but as days and weeks passed by, the’re starting to like each other, feels comfortable and play each other all the time. Now, I’m not worried because I saw Matteo and Steffi happy. I played with them, though sometimes, I’m getting much trouble with their furr lol. But it’s okay, i can still handle it, I invest lots of patience, lol.

Happy together

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